My Queendom for Some Lip Gloss and a Smile

Yeah, now that you’ve all seen my awkward self portrait, I’ve looked at it a lot more too.

I wish I had worn some lip gloss and smiled wider when I snapped the picture.  😐

The good thing is, when I look a little longer, I see my dad’s face.

My dad was always amused.  🙂

(Well, unless he wasn’t, but that had more to do with feeling crappy than his ceasing to find the world funny.)

Anyhoo, despite the flat mouth, I was in a good mood when I took the picture.

So…critique away.

Think what you will.

I look like my dad and that’s okay with me.  😀


3 thoughts on “My Queendom for Some Lip Gloss and a Smile

  1. No being critical. It is a nice face. And it tells the story of you! So it is beautiful no matter what you think!!

  2. Not sure why you think a critique is in order………you are young looking and very pretty! I think we all are our own worst critics!

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