Goodbye, Seven.

The little boy will be eight tomorrow.

This morning, he looked like this:

And our backyard looked like this:

Later, there was this:

There were two flavors under all that yellow buttercream.
Messsy, but oh so delicious. 😀

And finally, thanks to a sturdy Disney wand,
the little boy made the best bubbles EVER.

We’re glad you had a good day, freckle nose!

Mommy & Daddy love you!

P.S.  We’re tired now, so other details will have to wait.  🙂

Happy Saturday!


5 thoughts on “Goodbye, Seven.

  1. Oh, Becky………he is a handsome little man! Our boys are 2 months and 2 days apart…………where does the time go? Every birthday I am literally off to the side with a tear in my eye because they are growing up and away from us too fast! So cool that your birthdays are so close together!

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