And the winner is…


Darn it!

I was all set to share my
flourless chocolate cake experiences with you yesterday.

After all, I made three of them last weekend.


That’s one a day, for three days.

That’s right – three flourless cakes in three days.


in the gigantic pile of neglected mail we finally brought in from the box yesterday, I discovered yet another recipe!

This one was sent by a friend and it sounds really good.

Unlike those I’ve already tried,
it includes a chocolate ganache glaze recipe with it.

Uh oh…will power go bye bye.

I bought the ingredients this morning.

I’ll be making the cake sometime in the next few days.


I owe you all a more substantial blog
and a return to my old morning post routine.

With my son home from school for two weeks,
I fell behind on a host of solitary activities and left myself no time to type in the days after.

Things are getting back to normal (whatever that is),
so please don’t abandon me!

More soon.

I promise! 🙂

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