Dear Mr. Washing Machine,

Please don’t die before our vacation.

I really want some clean undies to pack in the suitcase.

I know that you are tired and getting on in years, but I need you!

Haven’t I always used the shortest cycle to save your strength?

I can hear your tortured, unbalanced spinning.

Haven’t I always refrained from filling you with bleach unless absolutely necessary?

I can tell you’re off your game and want to go.

Haven’t I always wiped away your grime and dirty deposits?

Please don’t give up!

I need you for just one more battle, just one more burst of glorious, sudsy energy!

Stay with me!

If you will kindly wait ten days, I will happily address your ills.

I will.  I swear!

I’ll even let you go, if that’s what you want.

You’ve done your duty.

After ten years of your continuous first rate service, I can’t complain.

You deserve a break.

You really, really do.

Poor Mr. Washing Machine, I know you’re not long for this world.

But I desperately beg, please don’t die before our vacation!

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