Little Stuff

Just a quick post to show you one little thing I picked up on the road.

As I mentioned before, we stopped twice at Pea Soup Andersen’s on our trip.

Andersen’s has a fun gift shop in their lobby.  One entire corner is devoted to Christmas all year.

They also offer cans of their soup, some interesting books and toys and a huge collection of blue and white china figurines.

This little fellow came from there.

He asked so politely, I just had to adopt him. 🙂

He will fit in nicely with some other items already in my possession.

I found the little lass below in a thrift store a couple of years ago.  She is actually a salt shaker and certainly had a mate at some point in her life.

I love the detail on her face.

This tiny windmill is actually a bottle topper.  The little blades spin around and though I don’t have the bottle it sits on, I love it anyway.

Somehow it makes the little lass seem more at home on my shelf.

A few weeks ago, I opened a Christmas package from lovely Leighann and found this little boy.

How well she knows my quirky collections!  I love him.

Now I just have to put away the holiday decorations (insert fatigued sigh of anticipation here), so I can return these little sweeties to their china hutch home for the spring!

Thanks for looking!

See you in a few days.


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