Artelexia, Architectural Salvage, Little Italy

Might not have time to write later, so just wanted to share a couple of links…

My friend and I went to Artelexia, finally!  Love, love, love it!  LOVE.  IT.

Also went to Architectural Salvage in its new location next door to Artelexia.  I thought this store had closed, but I was wrong.

We also walked a bit in Little Italy, got a bite to eat at a walk-up pizza joint, and then perused a few other interesting stores on the way back to the car.

This was a very pleasant afternoon activity.  My only regret is that we did not go to Extraordinary Desserts.  I sort of feel like that’s a must if you get within a block or two.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Little Italy and it’s proximity to Lindbergh Field, let’s just say that it’s a go-to destination if you are keen on close-up viewing of GIANT FREAKING PLANES that pass over every few minutes.  I had forgotten this and I had a very intense duck-and-cover response to them.  Even so, they were very interesting.

Anyhoo…maybe more later…maybe not.  😀

Happy Monday!


4 thoughts on “Artelexia, Architectural Salvage, Little Italy

  1. Thrilled that Architectural Salvage is still open! I was really sad when I drove past their old location to find it empty! Would love to poke around Artelexia with you!

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